Club memberships start as low as $36 per year. THAT'S $3 PER MONTH! You spend that much on a protein bar at 7-11. Get in the game today! 


There are more than 1,250 public golf clubs in Southern California filled with fun peeps JUST LIKE YOU.  These clubs play all your favorite tracks, and organize the whole day for you! 


Whether you are a 4 handicap or a 34, there's a friendly and welcoming golf group for you.  The World Handicap System allows EVERY GOLFER to play equitably! 


Play More Golf

Clubs play consistently, so you always know a fun round with great friends is around the corner. A supportive community of golfers also helps you improve.

Make New Friends

There's no better way to meet like-minded golfers and forge new friendships than at a golf club event.  Nobody wants to golf alone–now you don't have to.

Have More Fun

Hit and giggle golf passes the time—but tournaments challenge your game and make your round a lot more fun.  Hell, you can even win some prizes with your 18 handicap!


There's a Golf Club for every Golfer:

Official Club for Wilson & Harding Golf Courses

GPGC is the birthplace of municipal golf in L.A.  We enrich our member's golfing worlds through exceptional tournaments on our two championship courses. 

Hosted By: Jimmy

Homebase: San Gabriel Valley

Remember Little League or Adult Softball? Well, its here, for GOLF. All skill levels are welcome–whether you are a 40 handicap or a 4 handicap

Hosted By: Alex

Homebase: San Diego

 We introduce new golfers to the game and provide networking opportunities for young professionals.  We make golf fun and welcoming to all!

Pinecone Golf Club

Hosted By: Jared & Rogelio

Homebase: Greater LA

The perfect landing spot for LA-based golf enthusiasts. We're a growing group of friends golfing California. The good, the bad, and the hundreds.

Hosted By: Johny

Homebase: Beach Cities

Assembling GOLF enthusiasts looking for the camaraderie and characteristics of a "club", while enjoying a unique, competitive playing format.  

Hosted By: Scott and Austin

Homebase: Greater LA

A social club for anybody who wants to swing the sticks, crack a beer and enjoy one of the greatest games on earth. Golfers of every skill level welcome! 

Hosted By: Garrett

Homebase: Westside

The perfect mix of fun and competition. In addition to one of a kind golf tournaments, members also have access to off-the-course social events.

Hosted By: Darin and Ryan

Homebase: Beach Cities

There’s no such thing as a typical golfer.

Hosted By: Jeff

Homebase: Orange County

Created to share exclusive golf membership perks without the massive price tag often associated with them. 


There's an awesome club near you. Select your region:


Photo: Members Without Dues

Photo: Penmar Social Club

Photo: Babes Golf Club

🔥 The hottest golf circuit in L.A. 🔥

The Battle Of Los Angeles is the ultimate bi-yearly showdown which brings golfers of all skill levels together for a fun and friendly golf match. Players rep their respective SoCal golf team in order to find out who really is the, "BEST IN LA."

What is the SCGA?

Here's what our website says: The Southern California Golf Association is dedicated to golf in SoCal, serving 1,400+ active golf club communities and 170,000 passionate golfers—just like you.  Additionally, we host tournaments, golf leagues and social events for all golfers, regardless of ability. So if you're trying to make the U.S. Open or you're trying to break 100, we can help you play your best game, reach your golf goals or just enjoy a fun day out on the course.

Here's a translation:  We make golf fun.  We make golf fair.  Everybody is invited to the party.  

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