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Establish your Handicap Index  Today!

Why do I need a Handicap?

How do I get one?


GET BETTER - Measure your skill level and progress.

STEP 1 - Join the SCGA and get a GHIN number (you use this number to post scores from your rounds).

Lots of services offer a handicap, but only a GHIN Number / Handicap ID is universally trusted by Southern California golfers for competitive purposes.

COMPETE - Access any tournament that requires a Handicap Index.

LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD - Win competitions regardless of your current skill level.

STEP 2 - Post five 18-hole scores (or 10 9-hole scores) at (or use the GHIN mobile app) using your assigned GHIN number.

That's because a GHIN Number requires membership in an association-certified golf club that guarantees oversight of indexes by fellow club members and a certified Handicap Chairman. This ensures golfers play and compete with a Handicap Index that accurately reflects his or her ability.

FIND GOLFING BUDDIES - Join a local SCGA golf club to play with others at your ability level.

STEP 3 - On the 1st and 15th of every month, you'll receive an updated Handicap Index by email from the SCGA (calculated from your posted rounds).

CHARITY TOURNAMENTS - Play and compete for prizes.

WIN MONEY - Beat your friends and drive home with cash in your pocket.