Creators in Golf

Southern California has long been home to a vibrant collection of creators, so it's no wonder that their influence can be felt throughout the SoCal golf scene. The Creators in Golf series celebrates this community of artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries that change the way we see and play golf, and encourages you to find your own golf community.

Mark Cuevas

SCGA Golf Community: Others Golf Club

Mark Cuevas approaches golf the same way he approaches photography: it's all about feel.

Matt Cardis

SCGA Golf Community: Rams Hill Golf Club

Matt Cardis is an expert urban explorer who can show us the magic and mysteries hidden right before our eyes. He provides an insider's look at golf's unique subcultures that propel the game forward. 


SCGA Golf Community: Indian Wells GC

Ryan Engle is an apparel designer, talk show host, surfboard shaper and golf aficionado. His brand, Nation Golf, is a golf community like no other, serving up swanky & classic golf apparel since 2008.


SCGA Golf Community: The Yips GC

As a strength & conditioning coach and avid golfer, Ashton Roberts is helping SoCal athletes bridge the gap between fitness and golf.


SCGA Golf Community: Tropicana Golf Club

Coach Dave Fink has blown up on social media but he doesn’t measure his success by follower count. He measures it by how much his students are enjoying the game. Whether he’s teaching from his backyard setup in East LA or shooting content on the golf course, he’s always swinging and smiling. With his straightforward and no-nonsense approach to golf instruction, Dave has quickly become a go-to resource for weekend hackers and scratch players alike. 

Colt Knedler

SCGA Golf Community: Goat Hill Park GC

Colt's unique and unfiltered approach to content creation isn't about crafting cinematic masterpieces; it's about capturing authentic experiences that resonate with his audience – a canvas for personal expression. When something epic unfolds on the golf course, you can count on Colt to have it on camera.


SCGA Golf Communities: Golf & Gaming Club / Others Golf Club

Hyunee Kim just started golfing in 2021 but has dreams of playing on the LPGA Tour. In the meantime, she's capturing her journey for tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and creating genuine friendships on the course.


SCGA Golf Community: Victoria Club

Jarod DeAnda is known in the racing world as the voice of Formula DRIFT, but when he’s not at the track, you’ll probably find him on the golf course. He sees golf not only as an opportunity to slow down and unwind, but to connect and build relationships. Golf’s expanding appeal owes a lot to people like Jarod, who continue to encourage their circle to broaden their horizons and to introduce newcomers to the game.

Jewels 4 Birdie

SCGA Golf Communities: Torrey Pines GC

For Julie (@jewels4birdie on Instagram), her creations are all about sharing experiences and being a part of a community. Her goal is simple: to take in every moment of the round, whether that's the golf shots, the scenery, or the laughs with friends, and share that experience through social media.

Cousin Klubs

SCGA Golf Community: General Old GC

Chris (@cousinklubs) is anything but generic. From the golf equipment he makes to the way he plays, he cares deeply about the future of golf while honoring the traditions of the game.


There's a Golf Club for every Golfer:

Official Club for Wilson & Harding Golf Courses

GPGC is the birthplace of municipal golf in L.A. We enrich our member's golfing worlds through exceptional tournaments on our two championship courses. 

Hosted By: Jimmy

Homebase: San Gabriel Valley

Remember Little League or Adult Softball? Well, its here, for GOLF. All skill levels are welcome–whether you are a 40 handicap or a 4 handicap

Hosted By: Alex

Homebase: San Diego

 We introduce new golfers to the game and provide networking opportunities for young professionals. We make golf fun and welcoming to all!

Hosted By: Scott & Austin

Homebase: Greater LA

A social club for anybody who wants to swing the sticks, crack a beer and enjoy one of the greatest games on earth. Golfers of every skill level welcome! 

Hosted By: Johny

Homebase: Beach Cities

Assembling GOLF enthusiasts looking for the camaraderie and characteristics of a "club", while enjoying a unique, competitive playing format.  

Hosted By: Ruben

Homebase: Greater LA

The Raza Golf Club Association is built on the strength of building relationships through golf, enjoying the camaraderie while playing in a competitive and structured environment.

Hosted By: Garrett

Homebase: Westside

The perfect mix of fun and competition. In addition to one of a kind golf tournaments, members also have access to off-the-course social events.

Hosted By: Kristin

Homebase: San Diego

A co-ed community of golfers who want to build confidence through maintaining self-identify (mostly in our outfits!) and give back to those who love this sport.

Hosted By: Jeff

Homebase: Orange County

Created to share exclusive golf membership perks without the massive price tag often associated with them. 

Hosted By: Amber

Homebase: LA/Long Beach

Connecting & empowering women to excel personally and professionally through golf.

Hosted By: Matt

Homebase: All SoCal

Be a part of SoCal's largest online golf community. Share your love of the game and find new people to play with.

Pinecone Golf Club

Hosted By: Jared & Rogelio

Homebase: Greater LA

The perfect landing spot for LA-based golf enthusiasts. We're a growing group of friends golfing California. The good, the bad, and the hundreds.

Hosted By: Rigo

Homebase: LA County/IE

A golf and social club with humble beginnings. Founded with one goal in mind - becoming a welcoming and inclusive golf community.

Hosted By: Manny

Homebase: South LA County/IE

A league for the players, by the players . We're doing this because we enjoy the competition, camaraderie and playing golf. 

Hosted By: Michele, Marlene & Ashlie

Homebase: Orange County

Helping women feel less intimidated when it comes to golf with a welcoming space for beginners and experienced golfers.

What is the SCGA?

Here's what our website says: The Southern California Golf Association is dedicated to golf in SoCal, serving 1,400+ active golf club communities and 170,000 passionate golfers—just like you.  Additionally, we host tournaments, golf leagues and social events for all golfers, regardless of ability. So if you're trying to make the U.S. Open or you're trying to break 100, we can help you play your best game, reach your golf goals or just enjoy a fun day out on the course.

Here's a translation:  We make golf fun.  We make golf fair.  Everybody is invited to the party.